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We have been huge fan's of Cathy's amazing art. We suspect you will feel the same when you see more of her work at her website.


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This is Fiona, whom we met on New Year's Day 2008, by hitting her with our vehicle.  Fortunately, she only hit the undercarriage.  We rushed her to an emergency vet who treated her and found her owners through her rabies tags.  Even though she had been missing from their home for three weeks, the owners did not want her back.  After she recovered from her injuries, my husband brought her home.  She was so timid that she hid under our bed for a day or two only coming out to eat.  Now she is a chubby little Chihuahua who loves tummy rubs and cuddling. 

The bigger dog is Pugsley who was found as a puppy roaming the streets by a coworker of my husband in 2007.  He was dirty, hungry and had ear mites.  We cleaned him up and fed him and he is our happy-go-lucky guy who will play fetch for two hours if you let him.  


The whole point of this letter is to let people know that even a found dog can be a great friend and companion.  Owning a pet is also a responsibility and you can't just abandon an animal just because you are tired of the responsibility.
I love your website.  Keep up the good work.

Eva J Beavers

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 This is Keiko -- a devout believer that dropped food is superior to anything she finds in a bowl. Popcorn is a particular delicacy although she rarely lets it touch the floor -- she catches the popped kernels in the air.
We read that Keiko means "adored one" in Japanese. She is not named for the whale who starred in "Free Willy." In fact, she's a liitle sensitive about her weight. We say she's "sturdy."

Dog Bites Rope
Keiko displays her jaws of steel with the rope toy. It's hard to tell in this shot but she's dangling from the floor. We can even swing her around a couple of times and she won't let go. She may have a future in bungee-jumping.



Took this photo of Ely (Blue Heeler/Border Collie) while climbing in Moab, UT. He hunkered down in the grass and was equal parts...

Aren't I adorable?

Don't you feel bad that I have to sit here ALL alone?

My colors do pop nice against this foliage

I'm sexier than Kate Moss, right?

And finally, I couldn't be more comfy, so don't feel bad...unless you want to. He's a bit neurotice, but I guess we are too, 'cause we couldn't love him more if we tried!!!!

Nicole M

Salt Lake City

See  more of Nicole's wonderful photography at http://www.nicolemorgenthau.com



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The brilliant Jerry Stein brought us this delightful illustration of Duke Danger the Daredevil Dog. We have been huge fans of Jerry work for a long time.

You can see more of his work at http://www.steindesigncreative.com

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