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dogs you have known

Sara's Orion


Orion is a 2 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  His breed of dog was bred to retrieve ducks out of the Chesapeake Bay for hunters, which would mean he should instinctively retrieve ducks.  He loves to swim and retrieve, most of the time it is difficult to get him to stop swimming and stop retrieving toys.  When it comes to retrieving real birds he wants no part in picking them up.  

We continue to take him hunting to try and get him used to it. One day we took him to one of our favorite hunting spots. My husband had got some geese and like a good retrieving dog Orion went out to get the geese.  Rather than pick the goose up with his mouth, wrangled the goose up against his chest and began swimming toward us to bring it back.  Even though he wouldn't pick up with duck we were so thrilled that he was bringing it back.  Then the goose started moving..........rather than grab it with his mouth to make it stop moving he climbs on top of the goose and looks at us "like hey guys look what I did, you want to come get it now".

Hannah's New Dog


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