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dogs you have known

Mindi Schappach's Beautiful Art

The charcoal drawing of Luna when she was a puppy was drawn from a photo of her I took outside in the snow. I remember her looking up at me and waiting patiently while I took the picture. She is a very patient and mellow dog. We got her when she was 8 or 9 weeks old from a friend of a friend whose dog had puppies. Before we went into their home to meet all of the puppies, my husband Peter said he was just going to meet the puppies and observe them to see which puppy to choose. As we were driving home with her, Peter said he knew right away Luna was "the one" because when we walked into their home, all of the other puppies were running around all over, but Luna came over and licked the snow off of his shoes.

Last year I did a painting of our other dog Oreo for my son Christopher, so I wanted to do a painting of Luna for Peter. The painting of Luna was done from a photo that Peter took of her in the backyard. He had taken quite a few photos of Luna and chose the photo that he felt best caught her personality. Sometimes Luna is shy and doesn't want to go into the yard and play with Oreo and Peter, but when she does go running down the stairs of the deck and gallops over to Peter to play... it makes his day.

— Mindi Schappach

Sandy Wheaton's Friend Ziggy
Sean Baiser's Part Springer Spaniel, Baldwin


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